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Crisis Response Consulting

Helping Communities Help People in Crisis

Crisis Response Consulting embraces a trauma informed community response to people in crisis.  Our team members have over 20 years experience working in law enforcement, communications, emergency services and mental health.  We have the expertise to help your community respond effectively to people experiencing crisis.

Consultation - Training - Community Collaboration

Diverse Scope of Crisis Solutions

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Call Center and Mobile Crisis Training

Our team can offer crisis response training to members of crisis call centers as well as members of mobile crisis response teams.  Our trainings support a trauma informed approach to crisis. 


Our Mobile Crisis Team Training focuses on de-escalation while supporting safety for all involved.

911 Diversion Training

911 Diversion is recognized in the Public Safety Answering Point Playbook by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and by Crisis Intervention Teams, International as a best practice in creating a responsive system by helping identify and deploy the most appropriate resources.

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Crisis Intervention Team Training

Our team approaches Crisis Intervention Team Training using a community focus.  We understand that CIT is not a law enforcement training program but a comprehensive community approach to crisis.

Our team members have been involved in CIT Training for over 20 years and have been contributors to curriculum development throughout the United States.

Strategic Community Planning

Our team has extensive experience using strategic planning that engages all community stakeholders to help create a safe and effective system of crisis response.

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