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Crisis Call Center Training

Working in a Crisis Call Center presents a unique set of challenges for behavioral health professionals.  This training helps Crisis Call Takers understand their critical role in the continuum of services.  This is more important than ever if the community has engaged in a 911 Diversion Initiative.  This 8 hour training helps Crisis Call Takers develop the skill and confidence to manage complex calls.

Training topics include: 

  • Defining Crisis

  • Understanding the Behavioral Change Stairway Model

  • Defining the Problem

  • Exploring Resources

  • Creating a Plan

  • Managing Difficult Calls and Callers

  • Scenario Based Training


Mobile Crisis Response Team Training

With the focus on providing an alternative non-law enforcement response to behavioral health crisis, community mental health response teams must be appropriately trained to do their job safely and effectively.  Our  40 hour training focuses on a variety of topics to support these efforts. 


Topic areas include:

  • Introduction to the Mobile Crisis Response Team Model

  • Understanding and Embracing a First Responder Culture

  • Mental Hygiene and Confidentiality Laws

  • Crisis Communication and De-Escalation

  • Community Safety

  • Motivational Interviewing for Crisis Workers

  • Developing Mental Armor through Mindfulness

  • Working with People with Autism, Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities

  • Working with People with Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dementia

  • Working Effectively with Other First Responders

  • Scenario Based Training

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